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  United Kingdon

Coming up events:

 The Glade
July 14-16,  Cosmic Moon 14 - 16
Red Lunar Earth – Blue Self-Existing Storm
Galactic Central
Visionary Arts and Culture Performance Space

 Boom Festival 06 - Portugal
3-4-5-6-7-8-9 of August 2006
Magnetic Moon 9-15
Boom Festival is a global art, music and culture gathering held every two years in Portugal’s sun-drenched countryside in a stunning outdoor location on the shore of the Lake Idanha-a-Nova.
Bringing together the latest in psychedelic audio and visuals, art installations and workshops this week-long event is a harmonic convergence of people, energy, information and philosophies from around planet Earth and beyond.

 UNITY GATHERING - Sep 11-17th - Lunar Moon 20-26: Seven Days Of Spiritual Workshops and Emotional Transformation Working Towards An Amazing Earth Blessing Ceremony. Camp Exploring Mayan & Druid Mysteries, sharing circles, live music & dance, positive energy. £90 inc food, Somerset.
Info: 07779 694181 -  UnityGathering - shjenoob@hotmail.com

Edinburgh - Scotland - UK
2012 Discussion and Action Group
The next DNA News has arrived!

Held at:
AJP Therapy Centre

1 Lyne Street (Montrose Terrace)
Abbeyhill. Edinburgh, EH7 5DW
Shop Tel: 0131 661 2888
For further details and gathering topics please visit: PAN Scotland - Spirit-of-Yggdrasil.com

Next Gatherings dates: 
Dali 15 - Moon 13 - White Crystal Wizard (Tuesday 11/07/06)
Silio 28 - Moon 13 - Blue Crystal Hand (Monday 24/07/06)

Other News:
Worldwide Crystal Day Meditation

Round-circle gatherings of kin are organised globally by the Planet Art Network, and usually occur on "crystal days" - the twelfth day of each 13-day wavespell cycle. Hirohide Yanase, from the newly founded Foundation for the New Time in Japan, invites kin to participate in a continuing worldwide telepathic meditation taking place every crystal day.

More details: Click Here

To have your 13:20 PAN related News & Events published here please contact info@wavespell.net