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This section of the Wavespell.net website spotlights new content, the latest on the PAN Community, 13:20 - Law of Time educational material release or site functionality.

Would you like to receive a Mystery Of The Stone Kit?
If you are interested in receiving one of the Mystery Of The Stone kits, but you are unable to offer £15- no problem. Just write to us   and we will send you one, or you can offer us a donation of whatever you feel is fair and reasonable for you . Proceeds will fund the running of this website and a proportion will be returned to the Foundation For The Law Of Time. 12:60 Price should not be an obstacle to receiving 13:20 knowledge.
"These amazing tool kits (are) designed to establish the link between the higher solar mind, the soul and the objective reality of 13:20 time. This is the navigational guide that helps you get through the treacherous landscape of Middle Time - the final climax of matter - and to the farther shore of the Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness. The fundamental premise, of course, is that life is a spiritual journey - the premise that Adam forgot. The purpose of the Law of Time Thirteen Moon synchronometer is to reestablish this memory of the life of harmony which is the essence of the spiritual journey. Now the Mystery of the Stone is here to engage your soul in completing the journey to 2012 as a spiritually renewed and purified being."
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The Mystery Of The Stone Kit
The Mystery Of The Stone kit is a complete set of navigational tools for the ‘closing of the cycle’- the particularly interesting 7 year cycle we are living through up to 2012. It includes a hardback instruction manual, a set of cards, several maps and a large poster in a boxed set. The Mystery Of the Stone is also includes ‘the intrepid time travellers guide to the seven rings of middle time.’ The guide facilitates a daily practise designed to awaken the personal and world soul- through seven rings, or seven years- in preparation for the “planetary umbrella of enlightenment” called the ‘noosphere’.
Everything you need is included and can be used right out of the box. Familiarity with the Dreamspell and Telektonon is useful, though not necessary. We will shortly be announcing the dates of the first Mystery Of The Stone workshops in the UK that will provide a comprehensive introduction to the practise.
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Cosmic History Chronicles - Volume 1
Book of the Throne: Cosmos, the Absolute Pole
The Law of Time and the Reformulation of the Human Mind
Using as a foundation a sequence of 260 two-hour galactic mind transmissions, the Cosmic History Chronicles are a system of thought and technique to be learned and applied in order that the human being can take the next steps on the road of evolution into a holographic perceptual system. Through the Cosmic History Chronicles, the great gift of the Law of Time is ripened into a vehicle of universal upliftment, propelling us into our next stage of spiritual-mental evolution.   More

Bristol Planet Art Launch Party

The launch party for PAN Bristol was a day of expression, connection and re-creation. Understanding the importance of creating an inclusive space, where we can be light with our understandings, and play with our wisdom. Moving beyond the illusion of separation into a space where we can learn from each other and move into a space of creative realities, where we can define our collective dream, and then begin the process of forming it.    More

13 Moon Diary of Natural Time
This 13 Moon Diary is a well produced hardback book which runs from 1st January 2006 all the way through to the end of the Red Magnetic Moon year (July 25th 2007), making it an excellent choice for those just getting started with the 13 Moons. It contains a decoder, an address book and all the information to easily interpret each of the cycles.
Published by Frontier Publishing, Holland.   More