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Around the world, communities based using the 13 Moon count are forming.

Some are dedicated 'peace gardens' like the ones in Cisternino, Italy and Epuyen, Argentina. Others are eco-villages or intentional communities that find using a natural time calendar ideal for co-ordinating their day to day activity and planning for sustainable long term growth.

What most of them have in common is an appreciation of the necessity for us to return to living in a way which is much more in touch with the Earth. The vision of the world calendar change movement is very much about making this shift now and then planning with forethought for seven generations into the future. We are living in a time of the most dynamic change that humanity has ever seen and there are many technological and social distractions that end up keeping us distracted and disengaged from the simple basic truth that for our culture to survive we must learn to live sustainably.

The 13 Moon count is a medicine for our minds that re-enforces these values by its continued use and practise. The paradigm of 'time is money', which is fuelling our consumption led destruction of the biosphere, is deeply rooted in the Gregorian Calendar. In fact, the word 'calendar' comes from the Roman word 'calends'; the first day of the month, when tribute is due to Ceasar. Sustainable ecological community requires a new viewpoint that goes beyond the 'his-story' of patriachial domination, returning to a balance with nature.

The 13 Moon count is a planetary calendar without sectarian or secular affiliation and is based upon the harmonics of nature. This makes it a powerful tool for the grass roots organising of the great social change that is necessary on planet earth right now. The change of calendar is also a change of lifestyle- away from the spectacle of mass media and even more massive consumption into new biospherically aware forms of living.

Using the 13 Moon count eco-communities can link up and form a sustainable web of planet positive, art friendly life that is synchronised in time, rather than being isolated pockets of resistance that are struggling against an oblivious and oppressive consensus culture.

By creating alliances with permaculture groups, community building organisations, alternative and appropriate technology providers and other like minded networks, the planet art network in building a web of living change. Join us!