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The use of the Gregorian Calendar is one of the great unchallenged dogmas of our time. Billions of people use it unquestioningly every day for the co-ordination of a myriad of aspects of human society, but how often do we ask- why this one? Or, what effect does using a calendar have on us, our minds and what are the consequences for the sum total behaviour of humanity? And, perhaps, most importantly, could we do any better?

We believe that using a calendar that is based on a sectarian dogma rather than the observed cycles of nature and that has uneven and unequal measurements perpetuates illogical and irrational behaviour in humanity that can be traced back to an illogical and irrational calendar. This can be seen everywhere in contemporary society where the paradigm of 'time is money' holds sway.
Ever get the feeling that you never have enough time? Or that you never have enough money? How is it that the faster that society gets in the pursuit of these goals- time and money- the greater the feeling that we never have enough of them gets? Is it perhaps because we are living in a artificially created illusion: an illusion of mechanical time.
Have you ever seen a dolphin use a diary? Yet they know exactly where to meet and when. Have you ever seen a bird wearing a watch?
Yet they know exactly when to migrate. How is it that only the human  species is reliant upon mechanical devices to govern its timing? Is the clock a tool, or are we its slaves?
These are questions that reveal a great deal about the profoundly artificial and arbitrary nature of the current human concept of time.
There are professional scientists that leave their houses at 8:30 am every Monday morning to investigate the 'nature of time', but many have never stopped to question the origins of the clock or the calendar. As a result of this unconsciousness and tunnel vision we have created a mental prison out of the universe by projecting our mechanical creations onto it in an attempt to make it comprehensible. The ultimate expression of this way of looking at the existence is expressed in the Cartesian idea of the universe (named after the medieval philosopher Rene Descartes) as a giant mechanism or clock in which everything can be explained without the need for mystical notions like spirit. In this worldview, one of the most prevalent in our time, the machine is god.
Yet nature defies this logic. Many thousands of species co-exist together to create elaborate systems of interdependance called eco- systems, without a single one of them have a credit card or a wrist watch, or any form of machine. We humans often consider ourselves superior to ants and owls, but it us- not them- that has created a planetary emergency by the massively wasteful exploitation of natural resources which is currently happening on this planet. Do we have something to learn from them?
Our ancestors expended huge amounts of effort to measure and record the cycles of time in nature. These facts are recorded in their monuments like Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, which encode many harmonics of celestial and earthly cycles. The Maya culture of central america had a calendar system that is acknowledged by western science as being the most accurate ever known on this planet and more accurate than the calendars we use today! So why don't we use it?
The relevance of the Maya Calendar goes far beyond central america. The Maya where a sophisticated and advanced culture that kept meticulous astronomical records over large periods of time. They were obsessed by the cycles of nature and what they found was a natural harmony wherever they looked.
The key to their counting system was that it used a base of 20 rather than our decimal system which is based on 10. Where we count using our fingers, they counted using their fingers-and their toes! They combined this with a repeating cycle of 13 (corresponding to the major articulations of the body) to create a 260 cycle from which they counted all other cycles.
by Mark Heley - White Galactic Wind
PAN Avalon - British Isles Sector - Sun Bioregion