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Bristol Planet Art Launch Party

The beginnings of a network of infinite possibilities, redefining life as an artful ritual, coming together to celebrate our oneness, reminding ourselves of the simplicity of our nature, co-creating spaces where we can be free, where we can heal each other and begin the process of healing the earth.

The launch party for PAN Bristol was a day of expression, connection and re-creation. Understanding the importance of creating an inclusive space, where we can be light with our understandings, and play with our wisdom. Moving beyond the illusion of separation into a space where we can learn from each other and move into a space of creative realities, where we can define our collective dream, and then begin the process of forming it.

The idea to form a PAN node in Bristol was seeded on the Day out of Time, (Crystal Night), as the word spread, the enthusiasm and positivity grew, a group of key players began to form and to see the idea manifest so beautifully on the day itself (Planetary Storm) was a joy to behold.

From the opening ceremony a vibe of lighthearted positivity was instilled into the group consciousness, everybody introduced themselves, with their passions and their dreams, (which was all well and good until we got to Ian Dell, who has no dreams, only realities, and his reality is to help make dreams into reality!) revealing the like mindedness of the group.

The workshop space was busy throughout the day, with some star workshops, from 'Sacred Relationships' to 'How to Escape the Matrix' to 'The Rainbow Serpent Project' (healing the planetary grid network).  The garden also saw some serious action, Kids workshops, Creative Realities and a Dowsing workshop, which was successful in locating a leyline running underneath Trinity.

The main space played host to an enchanting dance workshop, run by Taoin, of the Elvish tribe of Canada, which saw adults and kids alike taking to the floor, and shaking their thang.  It was also where the entertainment took place, with poetry from Paradox, KP and an open mic slot, which played host to a number of talented performers. There was also a drumming circle, a conscious Hip-Hop set and an Open Jam to bring the party to a close. The closing ceremony was a slightly more energetic affair than the opening, seeing a spinning circle, and a closing OM.

The best way we feel to judge the success of the party, is by the number of smiling faces we saw, in which case, we achieved our intentions, which were to get all the right people, in the right time, at the right place and make them happy!  The Brystal Crew is now establishing itself as a secure network where creativity can grow.  We are connecting with other groups in the city, allowing the network to grow and expand, and create a flowering scene dedicated to peace on earth.

 PAN Bristol - UK - Sun Bioregion
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