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Global Calendar Reform Petition

Calendar Change - Why bother?
Our current calendar – also known as the ‘Gregorian’ Calendar- is the
cultural invention of one small part of humanity, has little relationship to the cycles of nature and is acknowledged, even by its creators, the Vatican, as being inaccurate.

Our calendar affects pretty much everything we do - from making daily appointments to major life and career decisions. If the calendar we use is inaccurate, mechanical and reflects only a western sectarian viewpoint, these values are unconsciously going to be reflected in its sum influence upon us and the whole of mankind.

Our world is increasingly desperate to find strategies to deal with the current, unprecedented GLOBAL crisis. We believe calendar change is one very important part of the kind of solution that is necessary. In an increasingly interdependent world we all need to expand our viewpoints to cope with the new reality of the GLOBAL village - and the GLOBAL village needs a truly GLOBAL calendar: one based on equal and even measure, one that is accurate for both hemispheres, one that does not reflect the cultural outlook and prejudices of just one sector of humanity.

The 13 Moon Calendar is exactly that. Calendar reform is not new. In the 1930s a calendar very similar to the 13 Moon Calendar was agreed upon by the League Of Nations as the proposed new civil calendar for the world. It replaced the uneven, illogical and obscure language of the Gregorian Calendar with an equal and harmonious measure that was easier to learn and understand for all people. It was vetoed by the Vatican on religious grounds and never happened.

The Vatican have now agreed not to veto any further popular calendar
reform, so please join with us in our campaign for calendar reform:
for a green calendar, for a planetary calendar and an end to the confusion, injustice and history of cultural domination that the Gregorian Calendar represents. You can help by signing our online petition.

  Sign the Petition Online

But the most important personal step you can take is to begin to use the 13 Moon Calendar. Learning this is fun, playful and empowering.

It can help you reclaim your time as your own, plan more efficiently and to return to a more natural experience of time than the current mechanistic paradigm. You can still, of course, use the Gregorian Calendar when you need to: to catch a bus or train, but you will begin to have a heightened awareness of arbitrary and artificial nature of the calendar that most other people are still following.

Whoever controls your time, controls your mind. Take back control of your time and take back control of your mind!

Mark Heley - White Galactic Wind