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Call for Adventure

Greetings fellow synchrononauts and PAN agents!

In a meeting of Kin from Alpan (Switzerland) and the Lowlands (Netherlands) in the first week of the Planetary Moon the vision arouse, to call for a major European PAN gathering and Vision Council, as well as some joined activities. Now is the time to release the call.

All European Kin, PAN nodes and Bioregional PAN coordinators/representatives are invited to the European Vision Council to be held at the site of the European Rainbow Gathering in England.
To experience 13:20 communal life and intensify our relations the council is envisioned to happen during the whole last week of the Cosmic Seed Year, Cosmic Dali 22 to Silio 28, followed by the celebrations of the Day out of Time and the solar-galactic New Year.

This Council will be the Bioregional preparation for the PAN World Council happening sometime in the Electric Moon in Brazil (very likely after the Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights).  Some of the European PAN coordinators will probably be at the PAN World Council, and therefore it is necessary to come together beforehand and unify our purpose as PAN Europe.

The venue of the Rainbow Gathering seems to be ideal, because it will be far off the 12:60 network in the middle of nature, without electricity and very much down to earth. Sitting in circles around the fire, above us only sky, sharing our visions … this is the way of the tribes of time.
Talking about our Biospheric Rights - there will be enough space for everybody, without any costs for renting a place or for sleeping. Vegetarian food is served on Magic Hat basis (donation), but individual cooking is also possible. Bring your own tent, tipi, yurt, hammock, or make your own shelter on site.

Several Kin are interested to revive the EuroPAN Caravan again. These Kin can meet at the gathering, discuss the relevant issues and get it on the road. More Kin can be activated for this mission during the Rainbow Gathering.

The call for adventure has been sounded:
1. European Vision Council as preparation for the World Council
2. To create for the time of the gathering a wonderful Galactic Maya Camp for 13:20 activation, education, knowledge exchange, meditation, ceremonial magic, etc. and a presentation of the Law of Time as ART.
3. To celebrate the end of the 13 Year Seed Wavespell of the prophecy TELEKTONON on the Day out of Time and the beginning of the next 13 Year cycle – the wavespell of the Moon – on solar-galactic New Year.
4. Revive the EuroPAN Caravan again, that would embark on a Mystery of the Stone Giveaway Tour possibly right after the Rainbow Gathering

The time-space is the European Rainbow Gathering in mystical England, which goes from Magnetic Moon Year, Magnetic Dali 1, Kin 209, Red Magnetic Moon to Lunar Dali 1, Kin 237, Red Electric Earth.
The location of the gathering is yet to be found. It will be announced as soon as known.

Who would like to actively participate in this unique adventure?

What resources do we have and can accumulate for a truly artistic presentation of the Law of Time?
Structures (domes, yurts, tipis, tarps), tools and utilities (axes, hammers, ropes, nails, paint), educational material in different languages (books, 13:20 tool kits (Dreamspell, Telektonon, 7:7::7:7, etc.), Rinri Newsletters, ...), Art (paintings, posters, graphics, paint, paper, canvas, geometric structures, etc.), kitchen equipment ... and of course Time is Art-ists.

Hey brothers and sisters, let’s DO something together!

A forum on this topic will be started on the message board of tortuga.com for communication and coordination. Welcome to join.

Here are some thoughts of Kin 75 on the four groups mentioned in the latest Rinri Newsletter:

The Rainbow is perfect for trying to work through this 4-group schematic put foward by the foundation. 

Group 1
We could have a very telepathic pulse sent out to a selected group of world-leaders, or whatever leaders, and observe the results. We could do this towards the end of the gathering so as to have ample time for fun practice and trial and error on what forms the telepulse should take for it to be most fluid and bonding to the sleepy receptors of the "target" hehe. Also after the gathering it will be easier to observe the outcome of the telexperiment as many will be in contact again with the media in one form or other. It can all be taken futher from there and a strategic plan can be constructed by the group at the gathering.

Group 2
The rainbow is probably one of the more glamour-free events/gatherings on this planet today. It being pretty much fully plugged out of the technosphere, at least at the time of it's happening, and not considering the magick hat, which is truly an act of selfless giving, still necessary to the workings of the rainbow, and the buying of food, which too is a good form of community building and planning and  also shows how  little we truly need.  So this provides for a very good environment in which the group can focus on experiencing the pleasure of being free from any glamour bombardment and to put together a progam that can be test-driven in the friendly and easy environment, which is largely comprised of people who are for a sustainbable, glamour-free planet. This evironment will promote egoless decisions and no doubt will provide most of the focus points for the program.  Again the time at the rainbow can be used for the group to come together as a HOLON and for strategies, campaigns and events to evolve from there.

Group 3
Well this is a no-problem to get this group up and functioning as the Rainbow, at it's core, is a HEALING CIRCLE.  Again the environment of the rainbow will provide many ideas and methods for healing on a planetary scale.  This group could utilize the abundance and diversity of knowledge present in this environment by calling workshops for healing and for healers;  for sharing knowledge on healing techniques;  etc.  Of couse there will be plenty of available people to put these healing techniques into practice on.  With the highest intention of LOVE, only good comes and healing happens.  Differrent meditations can be tried and tested, and again, the group HOLON present can evolve adventures for the year ahead.

Group 4
Yeah, where better a place to gather for rainbow bridging than at a Rainbow.  The Rainbow has been tried and tested and was and is a very successful place for focusing a group HOLON on the Rainbow Bridge Meditation and on other telepathic practices which truly had a powerful effect on all those present, even people who weren't PANaholics or particularly familiar with dreamspell codes.  In this group's case too, the HOLON of the group will determine the level of participation, the practices and focuses.

In service to the New Time
Kin 75 - Blue Planetary Eagle
Kin 115 - Blue Spectral Eagle

Year of the Yellow Cosmic Seed
Spectral Dali 1
Kin 124, Yellow Resonant Seed
Watch of the Ah Vuc Ti Cab

The Resonant Earth is calling her children for action …